Just another reason moving to Delaware is a change for the better! Our owners and managers at the Buccini/Pollin Group were mentioned in this letter to the editor by Dogfish Head Brewing Company President and Founder, Sam Calagione in response to an article discussing Uber, the start-up ride-sharing service.

uber Wilmington

Mr. Calagione comments on the positive outlook that Delaware businesses have in the current business climate, including his own brewery and how all Delawareans can benefit from this innovative service. He describes that Delaware’s Division of Tourism is driving initiatives to identify Delaware wineries and breweries as places to visit in the state. If Uber develops in Delaware cities and surrounding areas, more than just locals can enjoy the tourism that Delaware has to offer. He goes on to mention The Residences’ owners at The Buccini/Pollin Group. Sam commends, “…the Buccini Brothers who invest so much in the future of Wilmington, proving we can each do our part to keep the momentum going and growing. Together we are heavy.”

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Image: technologyreview.com