‘Tis the season for donning sports apparel and getting ready for some football, Live, Work, Play style! Translation – Stadium seating, fresh cold brews and the power to root for your home team of choice.


That’s right. In the city of Wilmington, there’s no shame in claiming rights to whichever team happens to be in the lead, especially if the head honchos you choose to cheer for are representing Philly, Pittsburg or even a local university. This football freedom has left Wilmington, Delaware residents divided by their independent decisions yet united by a shared love of the treasured American pastime.


Lincoln Financial Field

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Some of the most popular home team choices include the Eagles, the Steelers, the Ravens and the Fightin’ Blue Hens, a local college division with six national titles to date.


This innovative cheering strategy often works in the favor of Wilmington fans. For example, the Ravens crushed the Steelers in a recent divisional game, despite the release of now notorious running back Ray Rice. The end result was a victory for Delaware sports fans. Had the Steelers crushed the Ravens instead, the end result would have still been a victory for Delaware sports fans. This is a winning stratagem if ever there was one.


Something to Cheer About: Local Start of the Season Games


The Delaware Stadium, home field of the Fightin’ Blue Hens, will host their next start of the season home game on October 4th. The stadium is located in nearby Newark, Delaware and the tickets are modestly priced at just $22 but never underestimate the power of college football fans. There are only seven seats left out of the 22,000 that were originally available.


Eagles fans can claim a coveted seat at the upcoming Eagles vs. Redskins game, which is scheduled to kick off on September 21st at the Lincoln Financial Field. Both the Lincoln Financial Field and the Delaware Stadium are a little over a half-hour away from the Residences, the difference being that Lincoln is north of Delaware while Newark is a bit further south. Both locales are also Septa/Regional Rail accessible.


Ravens and/or Steelers fans can witness a rematch in action later in the season at Heinz Field which is slightly further from home making it an ideal destination for tailgaters.


Soak up the Rays of a Good Game from a Local Flat Screen TV


You can root for your home team of choice right here in the city by heading over to Ernest & Scott’s Taproom for amazing football drink specials and half priced wings which will be featured at every home and away game from now until the end of the season.


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