Somewhere Near Wilmington at Midnight…


A hush falls over the streets of the city. A crisp October breeze rushes in, stirring up the windblown leaves along the pavement. Lamps flicker. Wagon wheels screech. The chilling tales of Delaware’s past are recounted over crackling fireplaces followed by distant, ghoulish screams. Footsteps shuffle from behind. Something terrifying is waiting for you at The Residences.


Haunted Hayride

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Be Afraid… Or Don’t Be Afraid: the Choice is Yours in Delaware


Wilmington, Delaware’s trick or treat season is chock full of frights and delights. We’ve listed a few of the seasonal highlights, categorizing them based on level of fright. Whether your Halloween style is daring or mild, there’s sure to be a scream or two worth checking out nearby.


If You’re Not Afraid of the Dark, We Suggest:


Ultimate fright seekers in or near the Live, Work Play community should definitely invest in a ticket to The Bates Motel, a thrill ride that currently ranks number one in the nation for scariest haunted houses. This hot on our scream-o-meter attraction is located just over the Delaware border in rural PA. It features hundreds of acres of haunted territory. Ticket holders can prepare to be scared while making their way through a motel, an insane asylum, a corn maze and a secluded cave complete with ghouls and goblins. Should you make it out of their haunted forest intact, other local Halloween attractions that might appeal to you include:


If You Enjoy a Thrill but You Don’t Want to Lose Any Sleep:


If your goal is to be scared without being downright terrified, The Eastern State Penitentiary in Philadelphia is an excellent place for you. The Eastern State Penitentiary has a great deal of scare potential but somehow its historical value seems to overshadow the blood painted ghouls rattling around in the cells. If you’re looking for a mix of history and haunting, you will find it behind the walls of the Eastern State Penn. The journey will shake you a bit but the real life ghost tales told after the production will resonate in your mind, leaving you pondering the lives of yesteryear’s criminals rather than reaching for the light switch in the wee hours of the morning. For those who seek an even milder haunt, you can visit the Penn during the day and skip the ghosts and goblins entirely.


If you like the idea of historically rich Halloween attractions, you might enjoy:


If Your Halloween Haunting Experience Needs to be Child Friendly


Live, Work, Play residents with tiny tots can partake in Halloween parent style by participating in any of the following child friendly options:


Delaware’s prime luxury apartment community is convenient to more than ten national award winning haunted attractions. To learn more about living amidst the haunting and the history of Wilmington, Delaware, contact us at Live, Work, Play.


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