Fall fever. Back to school madness. Monday morning blues. Saturday evening urge to splurge. A night out. A day in. A Halloween, birthday or cocktail party.


There’s always a pending reason to head to the nearest shopping mall!


When you reside in the Live, Work, Play community, a run of the mill trip to the mall is an unparalleled upscale experience, mainly due to the close proximity of the Christiana Mall. This 1,200,000 square foot facility is abundant with upscale tax free stores, making it a magnet for shopping enthusiasts, so much so that it draws in tourists from cities as far away as New York and Williamsburg.



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With free parking spaces stretched out as far as the eye can see, on-site Apple experts, overflowing fall fashion sales, a foreign currency exchange booth, a nursing lounge and free Wi-Fi, it’s no wonder the Christiana Mall has consecutively ranked as one of the highest grossing shopping pit stops in the nation. Since it’s practically right in your own back yard, we thought you might like a little sneak peek of what to expect from taking a trip there.


Apparel Shoppers: Expect Five Star Fashion Finds


The Christiana Mall’s list of high end retail stores is hundreds of thousands of square feet long. Below are some of the many favorites:

Tech Shoppers: Expect Microsoft & Apple to Coexist Under the Same Roof


Tech enthusiasts who meander over to the Christiana Mall will have the convenience of finding Microsoft and Apple accessories just a few feet away from each other. As an added bonus, Brookstone and GameStop are also cleverly positioned within close vicinity of one another.


Bargain Shoppers: Expect Sales, Sales and Even More Sales in Addition to Tax Free Shopping


Christiana Mall’s fall fashion sale at Zales features 40% off select styles of their already tax free high end adornments. Fall essentials are modestly priced in honor of upcoming Columbus Day and late September marks the introduction of a new Michael Kors classic collection of watches.


Is it Time to go Shopping Yet? We Think Yes


Setting trends and snagging high end bargains is all in a day’s work when you’re a member of the Residences. Contact us today to view the Christiana Mall’s seasonal event list and to learn more about upscale, tax free shopping in Wilmington, DE.


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