Adding a dash of class to your monster’s bash is a great way to impress friends and family in a wonderfully eerie way. By showing off your own unique brand of sophistication and creativity this season, you can gain an edge over your party competition simply by being an excellent host.


The below listed Halloween party ideas are meant to be expanded upon, mixed and matched and customized. Each party is paired with a unique theme, a dress code and complimentary beverages. Each theme is designed around party throwing style.


As one more added convenience, you won’t even have to rent out a space. All of these posh party ideas can easily come to life right in your Live, Work, Play home.


Black glitter masquerade mask

Image: Flickr

Posh Party Plan 1: For Mystery Lovers, Romantics and History Buffs — An Eloquent Masquerade Ball


Even Romeo and Juliet had a passion for costume parties. The difference between their costume parties and the usual Halloween costume theme was in the choice of apparel. If you really want to break the mold, go all out by throwing an eloquent masquerade ball, complete with bejeweled Mardi Gras style masks which can also double as wall décor. Keep the rest of your apartment simple and clear out space for a dance floor. This masquerade theme can be paired with 16th century inspired cocktails taken directly from the Romeo and Juliet era. In the 16th century, cider and perry were commonly served at extravagant balls. A spiced cider and rum punch will enhance the historical element of the theme. On the other hand, a few bottles of perry champagne would be equally historically accurate and require zero minutes of prep time.


Posh Party Plan 2: For the Artistic Halloween Host — Halloween in an Art Museum


Turn your luxury living space into an art gallery for the evening by hanging water colored fall scenes from the walls and purchasing a few display cases. Carefully line the display cases with Halloween favorites. Anything from colorful candy bars to spooky skeletons and animated monsters will look amazing under the glow of an illuminated display case. Meticulously sculpted pumpkins would also be a nice touch. To draw more on the artistic element, pair this theme with a crafty candy corn cocktail and suggest a business casual dress code. Picture the type of apparel you would don to an exclusive art gallery opening.


Posh Party Plan 3: For Traditional Hosts — A Black Tie Affair with a Pop of Blood Orange


Sometimes less really is more in terms of sophistication. Traditional party throwers can host an upscale black tie only event. A touch of blood orange here and there is all that’s really necessary to add a Halloween signature. Pair this simplistic party with an organic blood orange cocktail and enjoy.


Whether you choose to expand upon one of the above listed themes or you decide to concoct your own version of a five star Halloween bash, there are a few items that are guaranteed to keep your party upscale. These items include:


  • Chandeliers
  • Candles
  • Fall Aromas
  • Preset Dining Tables

Bear in mind that there are also a great deal of party spaces available for rent in and near the Live, Work, Play community. If your posh party list exceeds the maximum number of people you think would fit comfortably in your Wilmington apartment, contact us at The Residences to learn about local Wilmington party rental spaces.

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