Closing in on your dream apartment is a lot more difficult than it sounds—as is picking out the dream home to begin with. Fortunately, you’ve narrowed your search down to a one, two or three bedroom luxury home in Wilmington, Delaware (or at least you’re pretty certain on that point).


If you know you want to reside in a luxury apartment in 19801, all that’s left is narrowing your search down which Live, Work, Play Wilmington building best suits your needs.


This quiz might not change your life, but taking it will definitely increase your chances of supporting your lifestyle by suggesting a Wilmington dwelling space that suits your needs.


The Residences at Live Work Play Wilmington, Delaware

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 1. You look forward to waking up each day…

A) On the edge of an adventure

B) On the edge of your bed with a piping cup of Starbucks on hand

C) On a lounge chair beside a glamorous swimming pool


2.  You would describe your personality as…

A) Extroverted

B) Introverted

C) A combination of the two


3. You could eliminate one of the following chores from your routine. Which do you pick?

A) Endlessly searching for the movie of your choice

B) Detailing the car

C) Taking care of the trash


4. If you could drive any car from the list, which car would it be?

A) A Ferrari — Fast, furious and commanding attention at every turn.

B) An Audi — A timeless classic featuring the perfect combination of subtlety and luxury. Your goal is to make a quiet entrance that leaves a lasting impression.

C) An Aston Martin — Unmistakably chic and completely futuristic. You wouldn’t climb behind the wheel in anything that wasn’t right up to the minute in style.


5. When it comes to working out, your ideal routine involves… 

A) The company of a friend and a myriad of different options. No two workouts should be the same.

B) A solo, invigorating technique that gets results fast even if you have to break a serious sweat.

C) Yoga or some other meditative activity.


6. You feel the need to stay… 

A) Connected — To lifelong friends, business associates and just about everyone in between. Distance terrifies you and you’re always seeking out ways to stay in touch.

B) Grounded — You prefer your close-knit circle of familiar friends and loved ones. In order to maintain your sense of independence and retain your loyalty, you pamper out of town friends and family members.

C) Trending — Knowing what’s in the now is an important aspect of your personality. You recognize what’s next and believe in always moving forward towards new and exciting goals.


7. Your favorite color is…

A) Ever-changing and this is evident by your colorful wardrobe. To an onlooker, your closet is organized chaos. Surprisingly, you know where everything is inside of it and could find your favorite party attire blindfolded.

B) A Neutral. You love basics with a pop of color and your wardrobe consists of business casual separates and a few comfy tees you’re sentimentally attached to.

C) Also a metal. You thrive on gold, silver, even copper and your clothing features signature cuts that are almost as up to date as you are.


8. Your best friend buys you a keychain that says point me to…

A) The Party

B) The Mall

C) The Moon


9. Which celebrity (living or deceased) would you love the opportunity to converse with over a meal?

Note — Just pick the one you’d most like to meet and then refer to the letter they’re categorized under.

A) Jennifer Lopez, Barack Obama, Kim and/or Kanye, Sandra Bullock or Oprah

B) Gandhi, Maya Angelou, Bill Gates, Gwyneth Paltrow, Dave Chappelle or Stephen King

C) Steve Jobs, Elvis, Madonna, Bjork, Pharrell Williams or Buzz Aldrin


10. Thank God it’s Friday. How do you spend yours?

A) Entertaining or being entertained. As long as you are at the center of the action, that’s what matters.

B) Unwinding. Nothing says the weekend like a warm bubbling bath and a glass of wine purchased on the way in.

C) Revolutionizing. Conquering the world is a tough job but somebody has to do it.



If you got…


Mostly As — You’re a Social Thrill Seeker


Christina Landing is the perfect place for you. Christina Landing’s one and two bedroom apartments in Wilmington, De are a haven for social butterflies such as yourself. Here, you can get connected in the internet café, entertain in a contemporary lounge, select your favorite film from the on-site DVD library, access an adventurous two acre park, then turn the corner and catch that train to anywhere your thrill seeking heart desires. Christina Landing is on the edge of two thriving cityscapes and in the heart of all the action.


Mostly Bs — You’re a Subtle Sophisticate


Your ideal dwelling is at Justison Landing where traditional sophistication awaits you. Your style is the epitome of subtle chic and you know how to make a statement without uttering a word. In a studio, artist’s loft or one bedroom Wilmington abode at Justison Landing you’ll be able to enjoy the security of a controlled access community with your own private entrance to Starbucks. Ground floor retail makes living here hassle free and the on-site car detailing service makes for an even more convenient stay. Additionally, your treasured friends and relatives can enjoy access to on-site guest suites so you can socialize your way – with the people dearest to you.


Mostly Cs — You’re a Trend Setter on a Mission


You’re always on the edge of trends and your ideal building is the Harlan Flats. This ultra modern riverfront community in Wilmington, De features up to the minute one and two bedroom living spaces that blend social elements with peaceful seclusion. Relax in the sparkling on site swimming pool or revitalize in the resort inspired lounge. Harlan Flats is the next level of luxury living so you can add a new first to your list. As one of many added bonuses, this futuristic community features a valet trash service so you can free up some time for your next conquest.


Still confused about which luxury apartment is right for you? Contact us at the Residences and take a look around at our numerous Wilmington communities.

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