Life as an urban professional on the go can get a tad bit hectic, and science has proven time and again that the best way to rejuvenate the mind is through relaxation.


Alone in your The Residences luxury apartment home, you might be attempting to channel such a mind state, only to find yourself distracted by the hustle and bustle of everyday life. As the autumn leaves emerge, circulating the waterfront in bright yellows, warm oranges and reds, you might notice that the rippling waters provide a subtle sense of tranquility. Soothing waters surround you here at the Residences. In fact, oceans open up all around you. A short drive to a shoreline near you could be just the escape you need to jumpstart the system this fall.


Here are some reasons you might want to consider beach bumming in the offseason this 2014.


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Reason #1: A short drive could mean a longer vacation


With beaches like Rehoboth, Dewey, Lewis and Bethany just a short drive away, the opportunity for an extended vacation is evident. Summerhouse rental prices decrease significantly in the fall and if you work in or near Wilmington, you could easily travel to and from the city and return to your beach house each evening in about an hour and a half or less.


With lower rates and short commutes, your typical weekend vacation could go on for two weeks (even longer if you work remotely) without interrupting your time at the office. Simply shake the sand from the soles of your feet and emerge in your workplace with windblown hair and a revitalized mindset each day.


Reason #2: The sales don’t stop when the roller coasters shut down


At the close of summer, Funland and its many riveting roller coasters close up shop. The shops, on the other hand (Penny Lane to Rehoboth Ave., Tanger Outlets to the mom-and-pop stores), remain open, featuring a myriad of seasonal sales on already low outlet prices.


Reason #3: The parking meters shut down just like the tilt a whirl


If you choose to peruse the boardwalk in the offseason, you won’t have to pay for parking. This means you could rent a beach house a mile or more away from the boardwalk for half the price of one overlooking the ocean and then simply drive to the beach each morning, afternoon or evening. Other restrictions (such as dog walking, rollerblading and bike riding) are also lifted in the offseason.


Reason #4: The abundance of unique gifts


With so many holidays coming up fast, your access to unique gifts is doubled when you visit the shore and since these beaches are all in the state of Delaware, the shopping is tax free as a bonus.


Reason #5: Festivities


Year-round activities like dolphin watching, art creation, boat tours, races, fairs and film festivals will ensure that you remain active for however long you decide to stay.


The roar of the ocean minus the ruckus of the crowd equates to an entirely new beach experience. As the seasons change, Wilmington City renews itself too, making way for snow covered evergreens and elaborate light shows. Come home to a revitalized city with a whole new life perspective by spending a day, weekend, week or more at the shore in the offseason. For more information regarding beaches near your luxury abode, contact us today at


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