Holiday season is coming around the bend. For entertainment fans in Wilmington, Delaware, that means debut performances galore!


Prepare for a season abundant with laughter, music, twinkling lights and so much more. All of the events listed here are mere minutes away from your home at the The Residences.


Delaware Children's Theater

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Concerts in Wilmington 2014-2015

Are you looking forward to ringing in the New Year in style with friends, loved ones or a special someone? You’re in luck. Indoor concerts are kicking off all along the river’s edge, from Concert Hall to the Queen, from the Grand Opera House to the local churches, an eclectic mix of carolers, crooners, comedians, dancers and opera powerhouses will showcase their talents for all of Wilmington to see.


Here are a few of the highlights:


If Broadway classics like The Sound of Music are more your speed, check out the multitude of theatrical performances happening all around the Residences.


Wilmington, Delaware’s Winter Theatre Highlights

If you have tiny tots at home, a hankering for a Christmas inspired tearjerker or both, the award winning Delaware Children’s Theatre is a great place to gather up the holiday spirit. Christmas classic Scrooge debuts in late November and plays on through until December 14th.


On January 17th, The Jack and the Beanstalk tale will be recounted via a vibrant family friendly performance. Meanwhile, at the DuPont Theatre, ballerinas will glide across the stage in an epic retelling of the world-renowned Nutcracker saga, a script that says Christmas like none other.


Tickets are on sale now and the Nutcracker show will officially debut on December 20th, complete with sugar plum fairies, twinkling snowflakes and a full orchestra.


Fall and winter in Wilmington are seasons that promise to delight and inspire via music, theatrics and dance. You can sit back and enjoy the show or sign up to shine in an upcoming caroling adventure. Contact us at the Residences to hear more about holiday festivities headed your way in 2014.

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