Getting in shape doesn’t have to be a grueling chore. In fact, the best way to sport a killer beach body is to maintain one over time rather than rebuilding muscle every time the weather warms up. This means it’s essential to keep your summer workout regimen going even as the air cools and days grow shorter.


Luckily, staying fit in The Residences communities is much easier than it appears. With so many fitness options onsite and within walking distance, you can easily tone your core and still free up all the time you need for the upcoming turkey basting, Christmas shopping and so forth.


Here are a few tricks to keep you looking your holiday best!



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Tip #1: Alternate Your Approach


Don’t let cabin fever creep into your workout schedule. Battle the mundane by changing your routine and maybe even your location every few days.


The state-of-the art-fitness center at select The Residences  communities is loaded with up-to-the-minute equipment that enables you to choose whichever workout you desire on a whim. The onsite fitness center is a great option if you’re already crunched for time.


Have a few minutes to spare? Test out alternative riverfront options like Crossfit and Planet Fitness. Even a brisk riverfront stroll through the twinkling seasonal lights will do wonders for your cardio health.


Dumbells in Gym

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Tip #2: Relax


Working out doesn’t necessarily have to mean breaking a sweat. In fact, exercises like yoga, Pilates, even stretching can give you the same results as a traditional workout with the added bonus of relaxation. The Residences  strategic location puts all of these options just footsteps from your front door. You’re already well on your way to a soothing, meditated state.


Tip #3: Pack a Healthy Snack


The road to physical fitness is incomplete if your healthy diet goes out the window with the first Thanksgiving dish served. Save yourself from the remorse of packing on extra pounds over the holidays by bringing a healthy snack to the party. Healthy holiday dessert recipes are easy to find and often well received by fellow partygoers.


If you’re hosting the Thanksgiving/Christmas meal this year, you can treat yourself and your guests to a wholesome tableful of decadent treats that are tasty and nutritious. You won’t even have to skimp on the meat. Carefully prepared holiday ham can serve as a lean centerpiece if you purchase one that’s low in sodium.


The best part about maintaining your summer physique is that working out gets easier over time as your muscle memory strengthens and your body becomes accustomed to your routine. If you choose to maintain your ideal body year round, you won’t have to wait until the New Year to discover the wonders of having a gym membership and you’ll be bathing suit-ready when beach season finally rolls around. Contact a Residences representative to learn more about working out in Wilmington and the many options surrounding your abode.

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