As the nation’s first declared state, Delaware does an exquisite job of showcasing treasures from yesteryear. Wilmington City, the centralized locale bordering the Christina riverfront and stretching forward towards neighboring Philadelphia, is particularly fond of putting the past on display.


In recent years, awe inspiring antique stores, historically inspired railroad lines, hundreds of acres of restored mills, homes and gardens and many more treasured heirlooms passed down by the founding fathers have sprouted up all over the city. Amidst it all, the futuristic community known to residents as Live, Work, Play has been hoisted in the center of many historically rich attractions.


The fact that history has repeated itself again and a brand new nod to old-fashioned fun has made its way into the neighborhood should come as no surprise to residents at the Residences. Here’s an overview of David Pollack’s latest historical addition— a vintage poster store.


VIntage Poster Collage - Antique Theater Posters

Image: Deviant Art


Vintage Posters: Unique Wilmington Finds


A little background on David Pollack for art fans who like to stay up on trends:


David Pollack started out more than 25 years ago as a professional photographer. His burning passion for offbeat art inspired him to start a collection of vintage posters and he quickly abandoned his photography career for a slightly different artistic outlet where he played the middle man for art and poster show dealers, later transitioning to being the proud owner of an acclaimed poster store, the co-owner of the International Vintage Poster Fair and the president of the International Vintage Poster Dealers Association. Now, 20 years into the poster dealing business, Mr. Pollack and his massive collection of renowned historical works (10,000 posters thus far and growing) are moving to 1222 North King Street in Wilmington, De, just footsteps from the Live, Work, Play community.


The Gallery’s Grand Opening


Art history lovers can take in an eyeful of this massive collection on November 21st between the hours of 5 and 9 pm or by making an appointment after the gallery’s grand opening by calling Mr. Pollack at 302-521-2080. This one of a kind collection features Art Deco and Mid Century pieces along with Art Nouveau through post modern styles.


If David Pollack’s Gallery Appeals to You, Other Local Sites That Might Interest You Include:


Art and history have a unique way of reminding us of where we come from. The Delaware soil, the Wilmington skyline and everything in between is a tribute to this great nation. Learn more about the flourishing art history scene in Wilmington City by contacting a Live, Work, Play representative.


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