Ice Skating

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Family fun in Wilmington, Delaware only gets cooler when the river freezes over. As of December 13th, 2014, Live, Work, Play residents will have one more reason to venture out into the wintery wonderland. The Wilmington Riverfront, aglow in holiday lights will be adding a brand new whimsical feature to its never-ending list of attractions— a breathtaking outdoor ice-skating rink.


The 72’ x 120’ rink will be decorated in shimmering trim and surrounded by concessions from mid December until February 28th, 2015.  Stopping in at the riverfront rink is a great way to stay in shape and keep the kiddies entertained. Skate rentals and a warming tent will be situated on the edge of the riverfront and admission is just $8 per person ($5 for children 12 and under).


While cities like New York and Philadelphia are just a short drive away from where you live, work and play, having a skating rink just across the street from your community means you won’t have to pack up the family and brave a snowy drive to Rockefeller Center to partake in the holiday fun.


Wilmington, Delaware’s Outdoor Skating Rink: General Information


The Horizon Riverfront Rink is scheduled to be open for public use for a total of eleven weeks this season. Hours of operation are Monday through Thursday from 4 PM until 9 PM, Friday from 4 PM until 10 PM, Saturday from 11 AM until 10 PM and every Sunday from 11 AM until 9 PM. Family oriented programs will be promoted at the rink for the duration of this year’s skating season and Delaware residents near and far are highly encouraged to visit the Justison Landing Green, located at 308 Justison Street, to witness this majestic rink firsthand.


Fun Facts about Ice Skating


Ice-skating, in its purest form, was originally invented as a form of transportation. It wasn’t until the innovation of figure skating that this activity was perceived as a type of entertainment for both the skater and those in the general audience. The world’s first internationally recognized ice skating rink was constructed in London in 1876 under the title of “Glaciarium”.


Today, the world enjoys a myriad of winter sports that involve recreational skating. The list ranges from ice hockey to speed skating, from theatrics to athletics and just about everything in between. Ice skating is a great way to increase strength while improving balance and coordination and due to the nature of the activity, it places much less stress on the joints when compared to more traditional fitness activities like weight lifting and jogging.


The Horizon Riverfront Rink is a joint effort made possible by the Riverfront Development Corporation of Delaware and Horizon Services. Contact us at The Residences to learn about all of the exciting riverfront attractions near you.


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