It isn’t just the holiday season making its way around the bend again — it’s also family and friends. Whatever treasured celebration you have planned for them, there’s a Harlan Flats amenity that could make the prep work more relaxing.


If your goal is to stay grounded and keep the season light, here are a few tips guaranteed to keep your blood pressure at an appeasing level — at least until next year.


Starbucks on book

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For Holiday Hosts

If you’re hosting a holiday meal for friends, loved ones, or both, don’t forget to take full advantage of the onsite valet trash service before and after the shindig. Harlan Flats visitors can enjoy free parking upon arrival and our pet-friendly policy means you can even invite that friend who always stays home to tend to their cat/dog. Other onsite amenities that will get you through party prepping and planning include:


  • Starbucks next door at Justison Landing (caffeinate to your heart’s delight)
  • Full size washer/dryer units (heavy machinery for your post party cleaning needs)
  • The large open kitchen abundant with modern appliances (convenient for bulk cooking)
  • A breathtaking riverfront view (to complement your delicious dinner spread)
  • A location just seconds from I 95 (giving directions is a snap)

Holiday Shoppers

De-stress before, during, and after your holiday shopping spree by making use of the great location surrounding Harlan Flats. Shopping centers, shopping malls, public transit to and from each exquisite location and a statewide tax-free policy make the Harlan Flats a virtual shopper’s paradise.


Time to Unwind

Your apartment in Wilmington, DE is surrounded by rural scenery and urban convenience, so relaxation here exists in many forms. Treat yourself to a plush seat in the Penn Cinema’s all new IMAX Theatre, where the highly anticipated Annie remake is scheduled to kick off on December 19th. Stroll the scenic riverfront landscape and see how enchanting the city becomes when it stands beneath a blanket of soaring stars and twinkling Christmas lights. Come home to a Starbucks seasonal special, a lavish lobby and a resort style resident’s lounge where you and a treasured friend can catch up on a conversation or you and your favorite book can steal a moment of solitude.


Ringing in the New Year in Wilmington, De means less stress all year round. Learn more about life in tax-free, carefree Wilmington by contacting us at the Residences.


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