Whenever you’re shopping for apartments, it seems you can never get your hands on too many pictures.


While reviewing online Wilmington apartment portfolios, each picture tells a new story about what life will be like when you get there and you—being the urban chic, educated, savvy shopper you naturally are—have oodles of questions you’re secretly hoping can be answered once the photos are reviewed. Questions like:

  • “Will sunlight shine through the window or will the interior be darker than expected?”
  • “What does the layout feel like upon arrival? Is it open enough for entertainment needs?”
  • “Speaking of entertainment – which wall will the entertainment center look best leaning up against?”

Justiston LandingEach question, even when answered, eventually leads to a new question. You avidly pound at the laptop keys, Googling images, scrutinizing still shots.


Finally, you schedule an in-person tour, but the details escape you when you get home. What color were those hard wood floors again? Was there enough space for the vintage sewing machine? The search for a luxury apartment in 19801 is a whole lot easier in 2015 thanks to one subtle innovation called the virtual tour. With a virtual tour you can click through at leisure, rewinding and fast-forwarding as needed.


At Justison Landing in Wilmington, Delaware, Virtual Touring is Here When You Need It


So you’re on the hunt for an upscale loft or a one, two or three bedroom apartment in Wilmington, Delaware when you stumble upon a brand new waterfront community known to the locals as Justison Landing. The amenities range from onsite retail to valet dry cleaning services and just about everything in between. Why not take a look inside? You won’t have to schedule an appointment or even look for your car keys.


You can begin by perusing four different variations of the available living rooms/kitchens by clicking here, here, here and here. Would you like a closer look at the balcony?


These virtual tours were designed to show rather than tell. If you’d like to hear what it’s like to live on the riverfront in a plush Justison Landing abode, you can read resident testimonials by clicking right here. While you’re at here, it might also be helpful to take a virtual stroll through the on-premise fitness center, a Justison Landing amenity for the physical fitness enthusiast in you.


Intrigued by the virtual tour of the Residences at Justison Landing? Contact a Live, Work, Play representative to learn all about our convenient location, upscale amenities, free parking spots and more.


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