Happy New Year, Live, Work, Players! Have we got a treat for you all. In honor of another year gone by, the 16 Mile Taphouse on Main Street in Newark is extending an irresistible invitation to beer lovers far and wide. January 16th will mark the anniversary of their unforgettable16 Mile Ale Fest and this tasty tradition is sticking around for 2015.


Mug of Beer

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If you can’t make it to the Brewfest this month, don’t fret. The 16 Mile tribute to brew continues. Each month on the 16th, this acclaimed alehouse intends to serve up a savory selection of beer and cuisine consisting of multiple infused versions of the same beer served beside carefully selected plates of food. The entire experience is ridiculously affordable, priced at under $30 a head. Wine connoisseurs – eat your hearts out. Beer lovers know how to taste, sniff, pair and compare too and the proof is on the table at the 16 Mile Taphouse.


Reasons This Event Deserves a Spot on the Calendar

Reason #1: You Made It Through The Holidays In One Piece

Cheers to you for surviving the crowded shopping malls, the grueling traffic jams, the cooking around your extended family’s dietary needs, the unexpected overnight guests who had one too many and wound up crashing on your sofa, etcetera! The holidays can be somewhat mentally taxing. Fortunately, you live in tax free Delaware, a place where the beer taps runneth over and the frosted mugs of brew are abundant and affordable.


Reason #2: You Get To Be A Beer Snob For A Night

The 16 Mile Taphouse does an excellent job of pairing and infusing and this meal, while it does involve beer, exhibits elements of upscale dining. Think premium veal and roasted heirloom tomatoes beside a tiller brown ale with a hint of charred cedar and various spices. This event is to dining what vintage modern is to designing – a touch of tradition at a new, modern angle.


Reason #3: It Takes Place in Newark, De

If you currently live at the Residences and you’ve yet to make the short drive to nearby Newark, the 16 Mile Taphouse dinner is the perfect excuse for such a daytrip. This, tiny Victorian home clad city is positioned halfway between Philly and Baltimore, making it an optimal midway point for a three day weekend of sightseeing.


Winter is an excellent time to drop by Newark. This city’s acclaimed ice skating rink “The Pond” has served as a popular training base for numerous professional figure skaters. It’s also open to the public.


Newark, De, the city known for throwing elegant beer fests and training some of the most legendary athletes in the nation, is just minutes from the Live, Work, Play community. Contact a customer service rep at the Residences to find out more about featured festivals like the 16 Mile Taphouse’s buzz worthy brew dinner.

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