There are so many Wilmingtons across the country. In fact, the entire world is abundant with places sporting the familiar moniker. While every single Wilmington is unique— from Port City (Wilmington, Virginia, the place for transactions on the waterway), to Hollywood East (Wilmington, North Carolina, a hot spot for 300 plus feature films), to Wilmington, Kent (a quaint, historic village in England), Wilmington, DE located in the “The Diamond State” is taking the name to all new heights. Here are the top reasons why it’s better to Live, Work and Play in Wilmington, Delaware as opposed to, say, Wilmington, Illinois, Virginia, NC, etc.


Reason # 1 — First is an Unbeatable Location

Wilmington, Delaware is located in the nation’s first state, technically making it the first American Wilmington. This unique aspect gives Wilmington, DE a historical edge unparalleled by rival Wilmingtons.

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Reason # 2 — A Tax Free Policy

Wilmington residents, visitors, and business travelers can enjoy tax-free shopping at all of their favorite stores and attractions. Wilmington, DE’s unique financial structure, inclusive of tax-free shopping and business-friendly legislation, cannot be found elsewhere in the US or abroad. It is this financial structure itself that attracts a great deal of prosperous businesses.



Reason #3 — The Four Seasons

Enjoy spring, summer, winter, and fall equally in Wilmington, DE, a space that allots equal time for each season and also features rather pleasant weather. Wilmington, Illinois on the other hand, is beautiful but prone to hurricanes.



Reason #4 — Aspects of Rural/Suburban Lifestyles

Wilmington, Delaware is at the cusp of rural Delaware and as such, rushing rivers and rural greenery are part of the scenic city landscape. Additionally, the streets of the city often feature free parking, adding a much needed suburban convenience that could end up saving you a great deal of change.



Reason #5 — It Really Is the Place to Be Somebody

Wilmington, Delaware has raised its share of celebrities and catered to many more.

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And the First Place Trophy Stays in the First State for 2015

No matter who you are or where you’re from, building a business and/or residential foundation in Wilmington, Delaware is a highly advisable move. Contact us at Live, Work, Play to hear all about Wilmington, Delaware and what it’s like to be somebody in the beautiful Diamond State.

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Image Credit: Wikimedia, Pixabay