The mental picture that often comes to mind when anyone is picturing Wilmington, Delaware is “a city near Philadelphia where tax-free shopping is a permanent policy.”


While that’s true, the fact about this particular location that tends to go overlooked is that Philadelphia isn’t the only city situated within very close proximity of Philadelphia. In fact, Wilmington is approximately two hours and ten minutes from New York City, forty minutes away from Camden, a little less than twenty minutes away from Chester and just under an hour and a half away from Baltimore.


With so many noteworthy daytrip cities to escape to this winter, why should Baltimore make every Live, Work, Player’s list? Here are just a few ways that residents at the Residences could benefit from heading over to Charm City for a daytrip.


Baltimore skyline at night

Image: Wikipedia

Benefit #1: The Journey

A true traveler understands that getting to and from a destination plays a major role in the experience. Unlike many of the other aforementioned cities, there are multiple ways to arrive in Baltimore. Drivers can enjoy a straight run on I-95 with plenty to see upon arrival and very few opportunities to get lost along the way. There is also significantly less traffic headed in the direction of Maryland in comparison to New York or even Jersey City. Alternatively, Baltimore is easily accessible via public transit found at the Amtrak Station on French Street, walking distance from Live, Work, Play. Switch things up by taking the train into the city and the ferry once you’ve arrived. Since Wilmington and Baltimore are both located along the water, creative, nautical transit is an option as well, weather permitting of course. Speaking of nautical journeys, enter benefit #2.


Benefit #2: Baltimore is Where the Ships Come In

If you already reside in the Live, Work, Play community, chances are you enjoy waterfront adventures. What better place to find them than along the inner harbor of bustling Baltimore, Md.? Here are the aquatic highlights you’re likely to encounter in this unforgettable city:


Benefit #3: Truly Unique Monuments and Museums

The next time you sing the Star Spangled Banner, you’ll be that much more familiar with the inspiration for the tune which was written by Francis Scott Key upon the site of Baltimore’s very own Fort McHenry. While journeying through this famed metropolis, be on the lookout for other spectacular monuments and museums like:


Benefit #4: Visit Quaint Towns within a Teeming City

Many internationally known cities are home to regions with worldly attributes. Take, for example Chinatown which can be seen in New York and Philadelphia. In Baltimore, this multi-regional aspect is a major community cornerstone. While you’re in town, you can sightsee in any of the following culturally influenced districts.


  • Little Italy
  • Fell’s Point
  • Mount Vernon Cultural District

Discover the Many Faces of Charm City and the Many Charms of our Nation’s Birthplace

Come home to a charmed life in Wilmington, Delaware’s breathtaking waterfront community, a residential district nestled between vibrant cities, historic landmarks and enchanting rural landscapes. Contact us at Live, Work, Play for details.


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