Good Morning, Wilmington! It’s time to draw open the curtains, peer out from your balconies, watch as the sun casts a shadow on the rippling Christina River below your Live, Work, Play abode, pour a freshly roasted pot of piping coffee, open up your laptop and reserve a seat to Wilmington’s event of the year. Failure to do so could result in a schedule that features more work and less play, leaving you completely off balance.

If you have yet to reserve a seat to this year’s most coveted concierto, Light Up The Queen, you can do that by clicking right here.

Color Concert at World Cafe Live


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What is this Year’s Top Event and Why Is It Such a Must See?

This year’s top event, according to our Live, Work, Playlist, is none other than Light Up the Queen, a World Café Live benefit concert shining a spotlight on 1975. Not only will this mega concert open to the tune of more than 40 popular artists filling the Queen Theatre with sounds from the seventies, it will also open up funding for the arts in Wilmington, a much needed outlet that totally deserves community support.


Why is Light It Up So Popular?

This is the World Café Live’s 4th annual benefit concert and the reason for its popularity is centered on word of mouth. Based on rave Delawarean reviews, tickets are selling faster than we can calculate. The most recent count estimated approximately thirty seats left in the house. This concert is the basis of funding for Wilmington, DE’s World Café Live at the Queen venue, an entertainment platform that draws big names to our beautiful city and keeps the crowds moving and the music alive.


Specifics for the Light It Up Benefit Concert

This year’s tribute, entitled “Shine a Light on 1975” is scheduled to take place on Saturday, February 21st at Wilmington, Delaware’s own World Café Live which is located at 500 North Market Street in 19801. Getting to the Queen from your residence at the Residences is as simple as taking a brisk walk or a short bus/car ride downtown. Admission to Light Up The Queen is $60 per head. The show starts at 8:30 but early arrival is recommended. Doors to the venue will open at 7 pm.

The Copeland Theatre Stage at the World Café Live is just one of many concerts shining a light on Delaware this year. Contact a Live, Work, Play representative to hear all about upcoming concerts making their way to the Riverfront residences and the downtown luxury apartments in Wilmington, Delaware this 2015.


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