At the space that extends out into the Northeast Tri State, where river waters intertwine with city sidewalks, there sits a bustling city, abundant with sightseeing destinations, posh new restaurants, tax free shopping options, art, culture, history… you name it. You stand at the center of it all in the Live, Work, Play community, eyeballing the historic Kalmar Nyckel replica ship towering over the docks.


From here, a few footsteps determine the difference between a trip to the Delaware Children’s Museum, a spa day at Currie Hair, Skin and Nails, a jog down the scenic riverwalk and a walk through the Russell W. Peterson urban wildlife refuge center. This is Wilmington, DE and you are here.

 Philadelphia Airport SEPTA Station

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Getting Around Town

Wilmington is an amazing place to visit, even as a resident. If you’re new to the Residences, you’ll soon find that waterfront living is all about taking a staycation and becoming increasingly more familiar with the many attractions that are practically right in your own backyard. The world of Wilmington really opens up just as soon as you open up your eyes to it. If you’re interested in navigating your way through the city and you’d like to stay local, there are tons of public transit options you can try.


For starters, you can travel via DART, the local public bus system that makes stops on almost every corner of the city. DART is a reliable, cost effective, fuel efficient way to get to places like:


  • The Mall
  • The Market
  • The Restaurants along Concord Pike
  • Convenience Stores
  • Various Libraries & Museums

A newer, more health conscious means of travel that is growing in popularity is travel by bike or on foot. The Live, Work, Play community is situated along a thriving cluster of nature trails, most of which were designed to give residents an alternative travel option that’s good for the lungs and the environment.


Finally, if you’re exhausted at the thought of biking to the mall and you’re not a huge fan of public buses, Uber car share is rumored to be hitting the city streets early on this year, opening up their major ridesharing service to the greater Delaware community. Can’t book a ride share in time to keep your schedule running smoothly? The tried and true city transit classic known as the taxicab is still a treasured Wilmington tradition, you simply need to reserve your cab online or by phone.


Getting Out of Town

If you’re really looking forward to getting away for the day, week or weekend, you couldn’t be in a better position on the map. The Residences in 19801 are just a short drive away from major cities like Philadelphia, Chester, Camden, Baltimore and NYC and all of these destinations are accessible via routes heading out of the Amtrak Station which just happens to be walking distance from your riverfront abode.


If your idea of getting out of town is more along the lines of Paris as opposed to the Baltimore Harbor, bear in mind that the Philadelphia Airport is less than a half hour drive from where you stand.

Anywhere is possible when you live in Delaware. Contact us at Live, Work, Play for more on public transit near you.


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