You wake up with a hankering for something you don’t have on hand or you realize just an hour too late that you’re short on wine for a cocktail party.


Ordinarily, an instance such as this would call for a big production consisting of getting dressed, warming up the car or searching the house for bus tokens, pulling out of the parking lot, packing up the kids, spouse or not yet housebroken puppy and fighting with traffic to and from your shopping destination of choice. These are the tiny inconveniences that make life more hectic than it actually has to be.


Fortunately, the Residences at Justison Landing and neighboring Wilmington, DE luxury apartment communities are making major advancements in the luxury lifestyle and the end result means ground floor retail for apartment dwellers in the 19801.

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Why Ground Floor Retail Has Become Such a Coveted Amenity

Many luxury apartment communities in 19801 and surrounding cities are gearing up for the future by placing a key focus on one incredibly underrated amenity – convenience. The understanding is simple (the less hassles, the higher the quality of life) and the outcome is quite rewarding. Due to this new take on upscale life, apartment dwellers in and around Wilmington, DE are often finding themselves with:


  • More spare time to dedicate to other projects
  • Less headaches related to menial tasks
  • A balanced lifestyle consisting of a beautiful view, an accommodating atmosphere and a breezy routine

Just Downstairs at Justison Landing

Ground floor retail in the Justison Landing community consists of numerous popular stops like:

Additionally, residents at the Residences in Justison Landing can enjoy a short walk and private entrance to the ever popular Starbucks café. On-premise commodities like car detailing and valet dry cleaning are available as well making for a well rounded consumer experience.


But Here’s The Best Part- It’s All Tax Free

Not only are these ground floor retail stores a convenient way to stock up locally, they also feature another popular Live, Work, Play exclusive known to the public as tax free shopping. Contact us at the Residences to learn more about luxury life at a fraction of the price when you reside on the waterfront in tax-free Wilmington.


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