That post-holiday lull that echoes out over the world just after the elation of Christmas, the promise of the New Year and the romance of Valentine’s Day can be a bit of a buzzkill. When the Christmas lights come down and the roses in their vases begin to droop, when it’s not quite warm enough to feel like spring, yet the newness of winter has definitely vanished into the now thawing air, it’s easy to feel just a tiny bit down as if the magic has altogether disintegrated.


However, in Wilmington, DE’s Live, Work, Play community, the post holiday silence is actually a great time to tap into your intellectual side, stimulating that ever present inner bookworm that sometimes gets lost under the lights of celebration.

 Himalayan Blue Poppy

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How to Fuel Your Inner Intellect and Get Excited About March in 2015

There are tons of new exhibits being rolled out into local museums; you just have to know where to look for them. In fact, if ever there was a best time to visit a museum in or near the 19801, it’s probably post holiday season. Here are just a few reasons why:


Reason 1 – Free Admission

Beginning March 13th, Hagley Museum and Library will be open to the public free of charge, as will the nearby Franklin Institute in Philadelphia, which features free admission on the third Wednesday of each month.


Reason 2 – Exclusive Exhibits

March marks the onset of exclusive, March-only exhibits like the Longwood Gardens rare blue poppy exhibition.


Reason 3 – Getting There is Easier

Say goodbye to holiday traffic jams and hello to new means of arrival and departure like bike paths, jogging trails and the new to Wilmington Uber car share service.


Our Top Picks for March Exhibitions

From your apartment in 19801, multiple day trip destinations are a possibility so we’ll start with exhibits in your city and work our way to other possibilities.


Top Wilmington, DE Exhibits

Out and About

Maintaining residency at the Residences in Wilmington, DE’s luxury apartment region means being a stone’s throw from cities like Camden, Philly, Chester, Baltimore, DC, even NYC. As such, a trip to visit the:

…or any other related collection is highly recommended.


There are endless exhibits near the Residences apartments in Wilmington, De. Get in touch with a Live, Work, Play representative to hear more about past, present and upcoming exhibitions near you.


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