Business travel can be absolutely exhausting, even mentally. The stress of being separated from loved ones for extended periods of time, the anxiety of sleeping alone in a temporary Wilmington corporate suite, combined with the pressure of navigating your way solo through an unfamiliar city can take a whole lot out of you. We get it.


Just because your job demands travel doesn’t mean your heart is automatically at home when on the road. Similarly, permanent Wilmington, Delaware residents might experience that same heartache if their loved ones don’t reside in or near 19801. That’s why LuxiaSuites and The Residences at Justison Landing community came together to provide a unique apartment amenity in order to bridge the gap between loved ones who struggle because of distance.


The Residences at Justison Landing Features LuxiaSuites which provides on-premise guest suites to residents!

LuxiaSuites was established to cater to long-term business travelers in Wilmington, and having this option at The Residences at Justison Landing provides residents with guest suites to make loved ones feel comfortable when stopping through. Here at Live, Work, Play, the mentality of togetherness is evident, not just in the way we build our properties, but also in the way we share our services.


It is this sense of community that gave us the idea to share, making amenities interchangeable from one property to the next, like a big, extended family that caters to your big, extended family by providing the utmost in features. What this means in a nutshell is that if you have a home in The Residences at Justison Landing, your loved ones have a suite awaiting them in neighboring LuxiaSuites. All you have to do is contact a LuxiaSuites staff member and notifying them of expected arrival and departure dates. Treat your guests to resort style living by putting them up in a lavish Luxia guest suite.


Getting to Know Your Neighbors

The cluster of luxury apartments located in downtown Wilmington and along the Christina riverfront are all related to each other. Many of these communities share similar ground floor retail options, stylish interiors, access to riverfront parks and walkways and so much more. Live, Work, Play isn’t just a prestigious address; it’s a groundbreaking, neighborly take on the luxury apartment lifestyle.


Find out what’s in store in these five star inspired apartments in 19801 this 2015 by contacting a Live, Work, Play spokesperson today.


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