When you live at The Residences, certain shifts in the atmosphere are apparent. The abundance of new paths, new shops, new restaurants and new attractions are easy to spot because they’re all being put together before your very eyes.


Seasonal changes are visually evident as well; the transition winter makes into spring is unparalleled in other parts of the world, even other parts of the United States. As the flowers bloom and the brand new businesses boom, it’s easy to get swept up in the visual elements surrounding your urban chic Wilmington apartment community, but if you take just a minute to perk up your ears, you might be surprised to learn that the sound of Wilmington is progressing too.


The expansion of the country music scene combined with the explosion of the jazz and new age music making its way in through Philly has left quite the mark.

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Dear Wilmington, Here’s What Your City Sounds Like Now

Thanks to Philly’s diehard jazz tradition and steadfast hold on new age funk, Wilmington just got a little bit country, a little bit jazzy, and a whole lot more modern. The good tunes traveled fast to your home at The Residences and the new sound of Wilmington is upbeat and hopeful, ever a reflection of the city itself.


Country Music Rolled Out in a Big Barrel

Epic country music festivals are literally rolling into Delaware this year and the Big Barrel Country Music Festival takes the cake. For those of you residing in The Residences who are unfamiliar with this particular event, the Big Barrel Country Music Festival runs for three days and features a surplus of forty of country music’s top contenders including Blake Shelton, Carrie Underwood and Miranda Lambert. The sound onstage will set the scene for all out country inspired fun in a campground atmosphere in central Delaware where a saloon and western marketplace will be erected for your delight.


Staying Modern at the Firefly

Delaware’s critically acclaimed Firefly Music Festival keeps things fresh and modern with a lineup sure to satisfy any music lover’s tastes. From Snoop to Paul McCartney, from the Killers to the Kings of Leon, Hozier, Bastille and Kid Cudi, no genre went overlooked in the planning of this summer music getaway that continues to maintain its Woodstock-type appeal due to the campout and groove on environment.


All Jazzed Up Along the Beach

Delaware’s love of jazz is no secret to true Delawareans. If you’re new to the Wilmington, DE apartment community, you might discover that this love is contagious. Try attending one of the many jazz festivals taking place throughout the region.


Wake up to the sound of a melodic, cultured city. Contact us at the Residences to hear more.


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