You already Live, Work and Play in Wilmington and you certainly know how to keep the ball rolling. Chances are you’re sitting in front of your internet ready device right now, reading this article while tackling other tasks simultaneously. As a member of the 2015 population, you are a proven multitasker, juggling everything, sometimes too many things, all at once when suddenly you realize you only have two weeks left to pay your taxes.


You didn’t exactly forget this minor detail, the date simply snuck up on you while you were right in the middle of your juggling act where you cram to make time for your job, your friends, your family, your pets, your neighbors, your co-workers and your occasional extracurricular activities…Image: Flickr

Locating a tax preparer near your apartment at the Residences in Wilmington, Delaware is the last thing you feel like doing right now. Fortunately, we’ve decided to make life just a bit more convenient by locating some for you. Here is our highlighted last minute tax preparer list just in time to file before it’s too late.


Tax Prep for Households Making $52,000 or Less Annually

If your household is currently earning $52,000 or less annually you could qualify for free tax preparation services via a volunteer run organization located on West 23rd Street known as the Nehemiah Gateway Community Development Corporation. Returns are alleged to be filed within 24 hours making for a quick turnaround for last minute filers living in Wilmington, Delaware apartment communities. What you will need to file here:


  • A photo ID
  • A social security card
  • Your W2’s and/or 1099’s
  • 1098’s for student loans
  • Information related to your bank account, childcare and property taxes if applicable

Tax Prep for Residents Who Don’t Fit the Above Criteria

If you’re filing in the state of Delaware and you don’t fit the above requirements, there are other local options near your Wilmington apartment community at the Residences. Some of the most popular are:


Finances and taxes are easier in tax free Delaware, and so is life in general. Contact a Live, Work, Play ambassador for further information as it relates to filing taxes when you reside in a Wilmington apartment community.


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