In an era of tablets and e-readers, bookstores are struggling to stay in the game. A local exception is Ninth Street Book Shop in Downtown Wilmington. This independently owned store first opened its doors in 1977 and it continues to thrive, thanks in part to its loyal following. And new customers continue to discover the shop, despite the fact that it’s no longer located on Ninth Street. (It moved to Eighth and Market in 2012.)

The shop’s website proudly says, “We’re a real bookstore. We don’t serve coffee.” What you can get here is lost in all the titles that line the shelves; customers have said they can spend hours just browsing. You can also get recommendations from owners Jack and Gemma Buckley, former public school teachers and voracious readers themselves. In fact, one of the main reasons why people shop here is the personalized customer service, which is something you can’t get at a major chain or while downloading a book from a website.