Last Thursday, Match 2nd the ResideBPG maintenance teams headed to Dover Downs for the annual Maintenance Mania competition! What is Maintenance Mania? We are glad you asked! Maintenance Mania is a competition for the heart and soul of our communities, the maintenance men that keep it running! Think of it as the Olympics for the maintenance team.

The Maintenance Mania competition tours the country and brings together entire property management teams to cheer on their maintenance men as they complete fun competitions such as races with homemade cars and who can fix a broken air conditioner quickest! Check out this awesome car created by the LuxiaSuites team!


This year, ResideBPG was able to represent in an extra special way, as their very own Vice President of Development, Robert Snowberger sat on an advisory panel and spoke about what is up and coming in the industry.

Rob was asked questions about trends in residents past, present and future, and what we needed to do to meet our residents needs.  Rob explained that in the past, ResideBPG simply needed to build the housing supply because there weren’t really any apartment buildings in downtown that resembled what most renters today expect to see (Stainless steel appliances, granite counter tops, good views, high-rise buildings, etc.)

Rob also gave a sneak peak at what ResideBPG has in store for the future, including a few more large-project, highly amenitized buildings to add to The Residences brand, but also continuing the work of revitalizing existing buildings in the downtown to add to our MKT communities.