Meet Madison Bacon, a senior Fine Art student at the University of Delaware. Madison’s educational focus has been on video and illustration. For her new mural at UDairy Creamery on Market Street, she really wanted to highlight the cows. What makes UDairy unique from other ice cream stores is that they own their own cows, and students are involved in the entire ice-cream making process, from taking care of the cows to the final result of dishing out the ice cream.

The cows in the mural represent not only the real cows at the farm but the students as well. Madison explained, “This project was especially rewarding to me as a senior. UD has had a large impact on me these past four years, and now I can leave my own mark on it with this mural, even though I’m about to leave.”

This particular mural was done with colored pencils watercolor and acrylic paint on a separate canvas.

Afterward, it was photographed and printed on a large decal to be applied to the wall. Madison had never done that before, so she was really scared that blowing the image up so large would distort it. She was extremely relieved to see it on the wall and see her fears were for nothing!

Madison’s official website can be viewed at