Mayor Mike Purzycki has announced that Wilmington has joined to share news and information with City residents. Nextdoor is a free, secure, and private social network for neighborhoods and communities. Nearly 5,000 people in Wilmington are already members of this information sharing platform.

“Well-informed citizens are key to helping us move Wilmington forward,” said Purzycki. “Information sharing platforms are becoming increasingly more available, so, we’ll continue to seek out the most efficient ways to make citizens aware of what’s happening in Wilmington.”

Nextdoor allows neighbors to join private social networks for their neighborhood so that information is only accessible to neighbors in their specific area of the City. Topics of discussion on Nextdoor include local events, school activities, home repair recommendations, recent crime activity, upcoming garage sales, and even lost pets.

ResideBPG recommends that all residents join Nextdoor to receive accurate information about their neighborhood directly from the City of Wilmington. And who knows, you may end up meeting a fellow neighbor or two! For more information about Nextdoor and to become a user, click here. Citizens can also sign up to receive Wilmington news and updates by visiting the City of Wilmington website.