We are proud to announce Matt Krajewski as The Buccini Pollin Group‘s Associate of the Month for June!

Matt is the Facilities Manager for 4 ResideBPG properties, including The Residences at Justison Landing, The Residences at Harlan Flats, The Residences at Christina Landing, and The National. He continues to bring outside the box solutions and a “we can do this” attitude to his properties and teammates.

When the access system went down recently at Harlan Flats, it would have been very easy to throw up his hands and say “call in the contractor.” Instead, Matt sat with a computer-related problem, did a ton of research, and taught himself how to replace a server, secure the existing data from the old server, and upload into a new one. He consulted IT, who was not optimistic on this one, and managed to get it running again.

Not giving up on the issue saved the property 10s of thousands of dollars in replacement, many man hours of data entry, and much resident coordination and impact.

Just one example of why Matt and the rest of the ResideBPG maintenance team is first in class. Congratulations on this well deserved recognition, Matt!