What if you moved to a city where a vibrant community and social network were already in place and at your disposal 24 hours a day, waiting for you to hit “Activate”?  Welcome to the New Wilmington, where there are not only things to do, but active people with a diverse set of backgrounds and interests to share those experiences with.

Just in Downtown Wilmington and the Riverfront you will find museums, theaters, music and dining.  New restaurants and nightclubs are line the neighborhoods and new ones are opening often.  From tapas to craft beer, from opera to 80s dance parties – the diverse experiences await you!

Wilmington has an abundance of sports and recreation through organizations, from the established Wilmington Rowing Center to socially-oriented Delaware Sports League, which has brought healthy and fun new opportunities to meet people in Wilmington almost every night throughout the year. (You might be surprised to learn that Kickball and Dodgeball are even more fun than you remember!).  Visit the revitalized Riverfront which offers miles of waterfront walkways, parks and even a national wildlife refuge and environmental learning center.

For the convenience of those seeking to be entertained, check out the website of the InWilmington campaign – a centralized listing depot for everything going on IN WILMINGTON, at any time!

Welcome to the New Wilmington: come out and play!