New Year, New Wilmington: Bringing Your New Business to Wilmington, De

There’s never been a better time to launch a new business; in fact, entrepreneurship is on the rise nationwide.  If you’ve been reading up on the Live, Work, Play blog, you might already be familiar with the top five reasons Wilmington is business friendly.


Moving forward, thanks to a diligent president, a prosperous banking industry, a promising layout and that oh-so-satisfying tax free policy, this New Year presents a new list of reasons to build your start up in Delaware.


Here’s a glimpse into the crystal ball of Wilmington’s 2015 calendar.


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A New Year = A New Look


Wilmington, Delaware is looking brand new thanks to:



A New Year = A New Buying Mentality


It isn’t just the landscaping that’s changed in recent years. A brand new mentality has developed as well. People recovering from the recession have been described by survey specialists as “hopeful” and they’re spending their money differently this time around.


What’s trending in the world of consumer spending? Customers in 2015 value personalization in their products. The kind of hands-on approach found in mom and pop shops is something the new generation craves and studies prove they’re willing to fork over some extra cash if a business appears to be giving back to its community by recycling, upcycling, bringing in employment opportunities and/or fueling a higher moral code locally.


A New Year = A New You


When the window of opportunity looms open before you, it’s never a good idea to stay indoors. Discover your true potential by stepping out of your comfort zone and starting up in a fantastic location. Contact us to learn more about ways to start a brand new business in 19801.


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