Wilmington, Delaware is a city that fosters a unique business atmosphere that is attractive to job-producing companies, large and small, and continues to attract more and more employees of these businesses to live and play in the city where they work.  Located just 20 miles south of Center City Philadelphia, Wilmington Delaware may be considered by some to be an extension of Philadelphia. While the city is an important and integral part of the broader MSA and indisputably contributes to its strength and vitality, the City of Wilmington has forged a separate and distinct identity with an economic engine centered around its court system, credit card processing companies, and long history as an R&D center for chemical and pharmaceutical companies. In fact, the unique synergism that exists between government, business, the judiciary system, and labor has successfully positioned Wilmington Delaware as the financial, governmental and corporate hub of the State and region, and in certain cases, the nation.
Companies are choosing to locate in  Wilmington for many reasons, including:

• The close proximity to transportation, with convenient access to Interstate-95 and the Amtrak train station, as well as the Philadelphia International Airport less than a half-hour away.
• A population density that supports retail establishments as well as workforce requirements, with more than 6,500,000 people residing within a 50-mile radius.
• Convenient amenities for employees, including numerous restaurants, shops and cultural attractions within easy walking distance.
• Safe and clean environment, featuring roving security ambassadors and maintenance patrols provided by the local Business Improvement District.
• DART trolley-buses providing shuttle service between Downtown and various Riverfront attractions.
• Abundant parking.
• Plus all the excitement that accompanies a young and energetic workforce, the spirit of entrepreneurialism, and the pure enjoyment of living and working in a vibrant city atmosphere.

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